Some Plans

Screw that redesign stuff, will do that later.

Instead I will write about a few of my plans about costumes and sewing.
For the beginning I thought about doing some cosplays, as there wouldn’t any design sketching be necessary So, I choosed a really hard one for the beginning *genius*

Konoko from the 2001 PC/MAC/PS2 Game Oni from Bungie (West)
I already made a catsuit, but not of the right fabric yet and I’m glad about that, because the suit turned out to have a bit short legs. In addition I want to change the pattern to have feet and gloves included and not sewn on, a really one piece catsuit. I also thought about adding a visible zipper at the front seam. The game design suit doesn’t have one, but I think this would fit a real life version of the costume. I’m still searching for the perfect colored fabric, hopefully spandex, I really don’t want to use jersey. The suit just has to look like a real combat suit and I guess nobody would use jersey for a suit that has to be tough.

Well, the “easy” part aside, the armor is what really makes this costume a challenge. I started by using my mannequin, wrapped it in plastic and started shaping the breast plate armor with muslin bandage. Well, yeah, I don’t have any experience in this and it didn’t turned out like I wanted it to be.

The mannequin’s breasts don’t have the right shape for the armor, so there has to be some shaping done before. I guess I will redo that with the same technique but by putting it a bra on before wrapping in in plastic to give it a better base shape to work with. So stay tuned!

Because this might take a while and might be full of mistakes, redos and frustration I made plans for another costume.

The Girl in her blue dress from Feel the Magic XY/XX or Project Rub in Europe.
This should be an easier one for a first costume. Black body suits are getting popular, so there won’t be any problems to find one on amazon or one of the thousand online shops I found only by searching on google. And for the dress I have already plans in my head how to make it like I want it (and hopefully to turn out the way I planed it!). Shoes can be difficult, ’cause I’m a perfectionist lol. For the wig I’m sure MyCostumes will have the right one in stock! Also stay tuned.

One month left until school starts, can’t wait! (never ever imagined I would say that lol)

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